Best Minecraft prison servers

20 January, 2023

Best Minecraft prison servers

Minecraft Prison servers offer one of the most fun and competitive game modes available on Minecraft. Basically you find yourself a prisoner, guilty of an unknown crime, however you are offered a way to get free. To do so you need to work off your debt to society by collecting precious block and selling them to get money, which you can then use to move up a level where you can find even more precious block, however you also get closer to freedom. Most of Minecraft prison servers are a pretty competitive affair letting you compete with others in how fast you can get out of the prison. These are some of my favorite Minecraft prison servers.


MinecraftCentral is one of the servers that made the Prison game mode popular. They update their servers daily, keeping a steady supply of changes and tweaks to balancing and prices to keep the game mode from ever feeling stale. They are also of the largest communities based around the Prison game mode which is also definetly a plus since there probably someone who's more than willing to let you show the ropes in how to tackle a successful prison run. An all around good server.


As the name suggests this server is also focused primarily on it Prison gameplay. They have a lot of content on offer that has made many of the Minecraft community members to claim that it's one of the if not the best Minecraft server around. While I am a bit skeptical about saying that, I do agree that it is one of the best servers running the Minecraft prison game mode. Their server features a lot of custom content as well as weekly events and challenges letting you compete against your fellow players for fun and bragging rights.


Mineville is a Minecraft server so packed with things to do, that you could probably play it for a month straight and still have new things to try and find out about it. They're mostly running the tried and true game modes, one of which is obviously Prison game mode. While their prison game mode is extremely fun it's a bit usual so when you do get bored of it, I'd advise you to go check out some of their other modes and unique content.

These are some of my favorite Minecraft prison servers. If you didn't like any of them I'd advise you to head on over to this Minecraft server list and browse on through. Surely you'll find a Minecraft prison server that's just right for you.