A Glimpse Into the World of Minecraft

26 January, 2023

A Glimpse Into the World of Minecraft

The freedom to create a world without boundaries; this is one of the reasons why Minecraft has become one of the most popular game today.

For the past few years, the world has been introduced to this indie game that lets players create their own little world and adventure. Basically, it is a game that grows and develops depending on the players liking. Due to its easy set up, it has become popular. An incident in 2010 led to the Minecraft event, where its popularity becomes apparent as a lot of users took the opportunity to join this game world.

What is this game?

This indie game was created by a programmer named Markus “Notch” Person. Notch who is a Swedish programmer originally worked for an established game developer company in Stockholm but decided to quit his job to pursue his own path and create his own game brand. During his search for inspiration for his own game, he came across an independent game or an indie game blog called Tigsource. This development blog led him to a game called Infiniminer which was a product of Zachtronic Industries. The objective of this indie game was simple. The player will be asked to collect resources while he cuts into the game's landscape, which is randomly generated. This was his inspiration to create the Minecraft.

3D Blocked Road to Success

Why would anyone want to play Minecraft for free? What makes it popular? The original goal of this recreational activity was to actually let the players create a protective wall against night monsters through the process of arranging, breaking and building blocks. However, as time progresses, this system became a way for people to channel their creative talents. Aside from building, it also allows its player to undergo an adventure to explore the Minecraft world, gather resources for their projects and crafts, and to fight against each other.

There are two more worlds aside from the main world where the player can explore and look for resources. The first one is the Nether world, which is likened to hell. It can be accessed using portals that other players create. The other one is called the End, where the player can meet Ender Dragon who is also known as the boss dragon. If the player kills Ender Dragon, he or she will be teleported back to the overworld which is the main world of the game and will get the achievement called “The End”.

A number of critics have praised the simplicity of this system, and how it was open ended making the game more exciting for many players. In addition, the game's graphic is also quite reminiscent of those old video games which has pixelated characters; although, this one is actually made of 3D cubes.

The Minecraft for Free World

For a number of gamers, whether Minecraft for free or full version was given to them, they would not mind. This is because of the exciting games that Notch and his team provided them. Here are the different game modes that players can enjoy in the world of Minecraft for free or full version:

• Survival Mode. Although this game is a sandbox game type, players can still set some boundaries for themselves through the different game modes like the survival mode. In this mode, players will have to go around the world and gather resources in order to survive while still creating blocked products. The player also needs to ensure that his character would not get hungry.

• Creative Mode. For players who love creating, the creative mode is the best choice. In this mode, the player will receive an unlimited supply to items and resources. This game allows the player's character to fly around the cubed 3D world. In addition, the character in this game is not affected by hunger, which is why this mode is frequented by those Minecraft for Free enthusiast to create large projects like replicas of famous real world buildings and other things.

• Adventure Mode. This world allows players to use custom made adventures and maps. This mode is an upgraded version of Survival Mode. The difference is the players will be challenged with own specific tools to change the game to survive.

Another type of mode that is popular with gamers is the multiplayer, where players can interact with other players. The popularity of this game is unstoppable; no wonder people are willing to play whether Minecraft for free is offered or the full version of the game.