Minecraft Parkour servers

Minecraft parkour might seem like a weird mix of activities, however if you give it a chance I’m sure you too can grow to love it like I did. It’s a completely different way of playing Minecraft, not bothering yourself battling monsters, building the best building or finding diamonds in the bowels of the earth. Instead Minecraft parkour offer you the chance to test yourself on their parkour courses. Where only going from the start to the finish as quickly as possible without dying matters. Some of these courses are pretty easy and pretty much anyone who knows how to move around in Minecraft will be able to finish them without much trouble. A bit more advanced ones require you to know a few more secret mechanics, such as jump running for instance. Then there’s a whole slew of courses that test not only your speed in moving through the course but also in dodging enemies and their attacks, as they’re populated by many of the creepy nasties roaming the world of Minecraft. These might be the biggest jump in difficulty since it usually takes people quite a bit of getting used to dodging the attacks and simply running forward without going to battle the enemies. Obviously the master courses combine every one of these features and adds a few curveballs to the mix.

Masters of this game mode are obviously in it for the bragging right, letting others know that they’re faster and more nimble than their competition. However don’t be fooled if you ever see them play, they spent hours upon hours perfecting their knowledge and grinding out every microsecond of time, wherever they could. There are plenty of ways to improve upon your course time. However for these speed demons, the change comes in order of microseconds, while for you a beginner that change might be a few seconds at a time.

There are obviously plenty of ways to play Minecraft. While some might enjoy the creative challenge of building some of the nicest and most innovative buildings or trying to kill the various bosses of the game or even just play for fun with their friends, I find Minecraft parkour to be extremely fun and more than worth my time.