2019 August

Mending books? How to get them?

I’ve been AFK fish farming for over 2 days now, and I’ve just been trying to look for a mending book, but alas with no luck. I already have 6 chests full of enchanted books and tools, and I’ve been fishing using a maxed out fishing rod, but i can’t seem to find one. I’ve seen some people […]

Anyone else with this problem?

I have a really bad habit of getting bored and just deleting the whole world. I have been playing since Minecraft beta 1.8 and have NEVER fought the Dragon in survival, I keep telling myself “this is the one where I do it!” but I get bored and just delete it and start a new one. This time, […]

Minecraft, expanding map?

Does anyone know if I can get the map to expand in certain direction? I tried to expand my map and it kept going more down and to the right, leaving my base in top left of map. I want to expand it and have my base more towards middle of it. Also if someone can get me […]

Linking portals?

So I tried to make a nether portal just outside the end portal and another one outside of my house, however when I place the portal it’s off by about 100 blocks from the end portal. Is there any way to get this portal over the 100 blocks without having to tear down the entirety of my hub? […]